Anti Ram – Raid Plinth

The Loktec ARRP has now evolved into an all-in-one plinth that is entirely height adjustable from 100mm – 500mm and, therefore, can accommodate all makes and models of through-the-wall ATMs

The Anti-Ram Raid Plinth (ARRP) is designed and manufactured by Loktec Security Group (patent number GB2517601) to stop ram raid attackers from removing ATMs. It has been tested independently to resist attacks exceeding 350 KN impact load using heavy plants such as JCBs and large 4X4 vehicles. The ARRP is an ATM Security Plinth that is non-invasive and will replace the need for standard plinths that give no security protection. Since its introduction, it has been a visual and physical deterrent. It has been 100% successful under physical attacks proving its claim to be the ultimate cost-effective ATM security system.


  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Loktec Limited
  • Independently proof load tested to loads exceeding 354Kn
  • Patented tamper-proof design – Patent number: GB2517601
  • Physical and Visual deterrent
  • Free support
  • Approved by ATM vendors, UK & Global banks
  • Non-invasive to ATM
  • Usable over basements
  • Heavy duty construction
  • For all makes and types of ATM/Safe
  • Re-deploy-able
  • Manufactured to ISO9001
  • Service partner installation is available with free training and
  • Paint options are available
  • Top plate ready drilled and tapped with safe bolt holes.
  • Adjustable at four corners to allow fine adjustment.
  • Optional cosmetic cladding kit available.
  • Fully adjustable from 100mm to 500mm
  • Non-invasive to ATM