The World’s First One Time Code Lock for ATM PC access. The ATM Mini Lock is the best physical solution for ATM PC & software security. 

The locks use centrally managed access control software to generate instant one time codes, which can be sent as an SMS message, email message or accessed directly via the mobile app. The software keeps an audit trail of each time the lock has been activated so it’s easy to see who has accessed which ATM and when. 

ATM Mini is a high security solution, with one time codes to provide the ability to set user, lock and time period specific passcodes. To ensure the highest security, the system uses encryption with renewable master keys and user authentication by PIN. 

To make the lock operation even more convenient, near field communication (NFC) technology is embedded in the lock, meaning any authorised NFC enabled device, used in conjunction with the mobile app, can open the ATM Mini. 

What are the main benefits of the ATM Mini Lock (OTC)? 


  •  Higher Security

  •  Centralised control and management of ATM PC access

  •  Keep track of access logs

  •  Physical protection against malware attacks

  •  No need to carry physical keys

  •  Automatic Unlocking with NFC devices (Android only) 

  •  Higher Service Quality

  •  Ability to make secure access to any ATM PC at anytime

  •  Shorter ticket close time

  •  Lower Operational Costs

  •  No need to assign a security person to accompany first or second line  maintenance               staff

  •  No repetitive visits due to forgotten keys