Hotel Access Management Software

SALTO has developed HAMS (Hotel Access Management Software) to enable hotels to easily control all their access and guest management needs with one easy-to-use system. SALTO HAMS is suitable for use in any type of hotel, from those that need to control just a small number of rooms, up to the very largest resort based properties that need to control thousands. It offers a huge range of features and tools that makes it easy to control all the offline and online guest room and back of house doors in a property from one central location. It is compatible with most property management software such as Micros Fidelio, New Hotel, Protel, TBC etc and can also be used to manage SALTO Intelligent Energy Saving Devices (ESD’s).

All SALTO HAMS software includes a module that upgrades this access control software to another security level. With this software and SALTO Virtual Network technology, you can add or delete access privileges at will to the ID carriers, program in 256 different time zones, etc. You will be able to carry out updating tasks, changing access times/days by using up to 256 different calendars. You will also have the ability to validate any change made in the access plan on any SVN online wall reader. Add security through additional authenticated validation procedures including pin codes as well the ability to blacklist cards from the system. You will benefit from the on-card audit-trailing to track staff or visitor movement and receive the lock specific battery power data as it’s registered on any card using the lock – staff or visitor – and transferred back to the PC. These unique advantages make your maintenance tasks easier, and it is something only SALTO can offer you.