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ATM Protection

Loktec Ltd is the nation’s leading supplier in ATM Protection solutions with unmatched capabilities, and a true vision for innovation alongside a history of building strategic solutions for a large range of clients.

Our world class service is led by a team of dedicated staff and our engineers are fully trained and insured. Loktec’s operations hub performs seamlessly alongside a custom–built workflow system, which enables the team to monitor engineers and stock in real time, ensuring that our clients are provided with an engineer who can attend site with maximum efficiency to the customer.

Our Solutions

Fascia Tamper Device (FTD)

The system consists of a Fascia Defence Controller and a series of purpose designed Printed Circuit Boards, with an innovative custom, balanced bridge conduct or circuit, forming a mesh pattern on both sides. The mesh presents a solid area of bridge circuit that if compromised by drilling or fracture will instantly initiate the alarm mode and carry out a number of funtions to stop the attack.

Bomb Protection System (BPS)

Due to the very sensitive nature of this solution, we are unable to show any detail. To register your interest please contact our sales team.

Gas Protection System (GPS)

The GPSng+ Detection Module contains a number of highly accurate gas sensors which detect any injected gas and/ or oxygen. Upon detection, the central Controller Module activates the unique Protection Module and other integrated alarm systems. 

Modular Body Armour

Loktec ATM Armour packs are available for the safe door, safe sides and safe front and all provide individual protection for areas that are commonly attacked. The Loktec body Armour has been 100% successful under physical attack; once Loktec body Armour has been installed, no ATM deployer or bank has suffered a cash loss.

Anti – Ram Raid Anchor (ARRA)

The Loktec Anti-Ram Raid ATM Anchor (ARRA) is the ULTIMATE and most cost-effective protection solution designed to stop ram raid attackers removing ATMs by offering a visual and physical protection system readily available for all makes and models of ATM’s.

Anti – Ram Raid Plinth

The Loktec Anti – Ram Raid Plinth (ARRP) with its Patented tamper-proof design was tested independently at our state of the art testing facility. The Anti  -Ram Raid Plinth is tested to resist loads exceeding 354 Kilo–Newton of dynamic impact load using heavy plant such as JCBs, large 4X4 vehicles, Skip Lorries, Car Transporters and Hiab’s.

Safe – Track

A fully automated alarm-tracking system to aid with the location of stolen ATM machines consisting of a small battery powered device that can communicate via GSM/GPRS and also transmit its location via the built in GNSS (GPS) system and then push all of the Geo-location information to an APP and a Cloud based system

ATM Security Fogging

Most property loss occurs in the initial minutes of a break-in. Install a Loktec Smoke System on the premises and within seconds of a break-in the protected area is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog. This provides an effective barrier and forces the intruders to leave the premises.

Lok – Matic ATM Re-locking

The world’s most advanced re-locking system designed to convert single point to multi point safe locking for all ATM types

Locksmith & Safe Engineer Service


Loktec provide a national re-active Locksmith, Access Control, Safe and Vault, Engineering service to Banks, Building societies, ATM vendors, independent ATM providers, councils, police, business & retail customers.

Our methodology is to combine understanding with commitment to meet the goals and aims of our clients, who really are at the heart of everything we do.

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