The scalable and flexible cloud-based access control solution with best-in-class capabilities in real time.

SALTO KS (KaaS: Keys as a Service) is a scalable cloud-based Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) solution that’s built to fit your business needs, today and tomorrow. Enjoy complete control of all functions and features from the web app or use the mobile app to track events, unlock doors remotely, or block users on the go, managing all doors, users, and locations in real time, wherever you are.

SALTO KS smart access offers multiple ways of opening doors, including digital keys. It supports a wide range of keyless access methods to improve user experience and the security of any type of building. It also delivers advanced security features on a fully remote and wireless cloud-based smart access management platform.


Flexible and scalable access control solution, including event reporting and 24/7 status, for small and midsize businesses to large enterprises and multi-site organizations.


All-in-one access control platform with endless cloud-based integration possibilities.


Grant access easily with a range of different access control methods. Select the day(s), timeframe(s), and lock(s) to grant access to specific users.


Gain activity insight in real-time. Notifications for specific events include rejected entries, doors left open, or system maintenance tasks.


The industry-leading cloud-based access control solution

Stay up to date from anywhere and in real time.

The SALTO KS cloud technology delivers security with more simplicity, greater value, faster response time, and better user experience. Monitor every access point remotely from anywhere, at any time, and on any device – for even greater control and flexibility.

Analyse valuable data and gain activity insights

Track who goes where and when. You can even set notifications for specific events so that you’re always up to date.

Manage access easily and securely.

Collect all user access rights on a single, smart credential; send and receive digital keys, enter PIN codes, or open doors from a distance – even if you’re on the other side of the world.

Streamline your operations with integrations.

SALTO KS delivers a global and scalable access control solution that makes it easy to integrate with other software platforms and connect with existing building applications.

Seamless, keyless, wireless. The complete cloud-based smart access platform.

SALTO KS is a reliable cloud-based access control solution with unified software/hardware architecture and an open ecosystem. Designed to secure any door in a building and make access control more effortless than ever, it offers a flexible platform for your business to manage unlimited locations – all from one dashboard.

Robust security, safety and privacy

We take security, privacy, and regulatory matters seriously. The SALTO KS infrastructure is continuously updated and maintained. This results in a very high uptime. We also protect our unassembled infrastructure behind multiple layers of high-end security practices.

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