ATM Gas Protection System GPS ng+

GPS ng+ Full protection for ATM's against Gas Attacks

Total protection against ATM Gas attacks

The growing threat of gas attacks on ATM’s

ATM Gas Attacks are taking place daily around the world. They continue to be a major risk to the safety of the public and staff at the ATM location. There’s a very simple reason why ATM gas attacks are growing in popularity among criminals; they’re very easy to execute. As an ATM owner, you need to be aware of this worrying development. Besides the collateral damage and substantial loss of cash, a major concern is the potential harm to staff and customers and any resulting litigation

How do criminals carry out gas attacks on ATM’s

They create the ideal conditions for an explosion. First inserting a tube through the cash dispenser. Next, they pump in highly combustible gas (a mixture of Acetylene and Oxygen). This process can be completed in less than 2 minutes. Once the gas is ignited the ATM door either blows open or blows off, leaving the criminals free to steal the cash. The whole attack can be over in minutes.

How do you combat this growing threat?

The Loktec ATM Gas Protection System is the most effective complete protection against ATM gas attacks. It instantly detects and secures against an ATM gas attack. With the quickest gas detection of any solution, the GPS ng+ prevents the dangerous injection and attempted ignition of gas. The GPS ng+ operates on several different activation levels. As well as containing the initial attempted explosion, it indefinitely suppresses and extinguishes any possible after -effect of continuous gas injection and potential combustion.

How the GPSng+ works

The GPSng+ Detection Module contains a number of highly accurate gas sensors which detect any injected gas and/ or oxygen. Upon detection, the central Controller Module activates the unique Protection Module and other integrated alarm systems. The Protection Module itself renders the dangerous gas ineffective. Thanks to the unique combination of innovative techniques, an explosion will be impossible. The active protection window is unlimited. Therefore, a gas attack is rendered completely futile. By integrating an alarm notification, the chance of catching the criminals will increase considerably

Testing & Certification

While developing the GPS, Loktec have conducted extensive testing, both on-site and in ballistic arenas. Additionally, Loktec engaged with DNV-GL to officially certify the functioning of the GPS. The GPS is CE approved and also carries ATM vendor global certification.

Test Video

Installation & Integration

With a very small footprint and all magnetic components, the GPS can be fully integrated into the ATM safe with minimum ATM adjustment, the GPS is quick and easy to install into any ATM type. Because the complete GPS is installed inside the ATM safe, the system itself is well protected against tampering. The GPS functions fully autonomously, independent of the main power, thanks to the UPS. Of course, other ATM security products to frustrate the criminals can be easily integrated, like sirens, strobe lights or a fog generator. Of course, an alarm notification can be sent immediately after gas detection.

Key Points

  • Fastest gas detection system available in the world
  • Indefinite window of protection
  • Non-invasive installation (all component parts are magnetically attached)
  • The Gas Protection System (GPS) cannot be compromised
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Loktec to ISO 9001:2015
  • The most compact system available on the market
  • The latest generation of complete ATM safe protection against gas attacks
  • UL and CE tested and approved components
  • Efficacy cover for the lifetime of the product
  • Compatible with all ATM types
  • Dual head gas sensors
  • 1 year warranty on all components
  • Proven under attack
  • Fire risk protected
  • Instant alarm connectivity
  • Available through our global partner network
  • ATM vendor global certification
  • The only company in the world to engage with a UK government-approved testing facility during the design process to carry out controlled explosions


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