ATM Modular Body Armour

ATM Body Armour pack - Protecting ATM's from Cutting, Burning & Drilling attacks

Loktec ATM Body Armour

Loktec ATM Armour packs are available for the safe door, safe sides, and safe front and all provide individual protection for areas that are commonly attacked. The Loktec body Armour has been 100% successful under physical attack; once Loktec body Armour has been installed, no ATM deployer or bank has suffered a cash loss.

Once installed, the Loktec body Armour provides year on year protection, reducing the requirement for expensive service costs.

Loktec’s visual and physical solutions are designed, tested, and manufactured in the UK by our own in-house security team. All our armour panels are fabricated with a specially designed matrix and filled with our own Composite-D barrier that exceeds normal safe protection levels, to resist attack

ATM Armour

Testing & Certification

Our Armour has been tested independently to BS EN1143-1: 2005 + A1: 2009 and exceeds the Cen V level of safe protection. Loktec has successfully conducted many live attack simulations in front of UK and global banks and security experts, using impact, jacking, drilling, grinding and oxy acetylene attack methods.

Key Features

  • Exceeds Cen V Rating
  • Rapidly Installed
  • Easily Retro Fit
  • With or Without Apertures
  • Independently tested and certified to BS EN 1143-1
  • Visual and Physical Deterrent
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Approved by UK, Global Banks, and ATM Manufacturers
  • Global Supply
  • Patent number: GB2478534

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