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A fully automated alarm-tracking system to aid with the location of stolen ATM machines consisting of a small battery powered device that can communicate via GSM/GPRS and also transmit its location via the built in GNSS (GPS) system and then push all of the Geo-location information to an APP and a Cloud based system

Key Features

A 2G GSM/GPRS modem

To send data to the APP and Cloud based system. This can also be used to send configuration settings to the Device.

A WIFI module

To aid with the location for situations where GNSS (GPS) is not available and capture any surrounding network information so it can be sent to the APP / Cloud based system for aiding with the asset location.

Highly sensitive GNSS (GPS) system and antenna

A built in highly sensitive GNSS (GPS) system and antenna so to provide GNSS (GPS) Coverage in the most difficult situations.

A highly sensitive GSM Antenna

A very sensitive high gain GSM antenna to provide GSM coverage even in the most difficult of conditions

A motion / shock sensor

To be used to detect shock and tilt angles and trigger the alarm

A voice / audio sender*

Used to send voice audio to a pre-set number so the remote listener can monitor and record any background conversations in real time

A highly efficient battery charger and power unit

A built-in high efficiency battery charger and power supply system to ensure long battery life

Very sophisticated software features that includes

Distance Milometer to be used to measure the distance from the ATM asset to the APP so it can be used as an indicator to how far away the ATM asset is from the APP and used to recover the ATM asse