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ATM Tracker

A fully automated alarm-tracking system to aid with the location of stolen ATM machines consisting of a small battery powered device that can communicate via GSM/GPRS and also transmit its location via the built in GNSS (GPS) system and then push all of the Geo-location information to an APP and a Cloud-based system

Protects your ATM and cash against attack. Loktec TPS tracks the stolen machine and pinpoints the location.

Loktec TPS ATM Tracker is a fully automatic system that immediately raises the alarm if the ATM is attacked.. ATM Tracker will then track the ATM, cash, and perpetrators in real-time.

How it works…

4G ATM Tracker automatically triggers an incident alert to the police and the bank. The tracking information is accessed by local law enforcement allowing safe pursuit and apprehension.

ATM Safe - Track

Key Points

  • Secure website for live tracking ensures safety of client information
  • Text and email notifications
  • Stores data if cellular signal is lost to preserve track data
  • RF to pinpoint final Device location
  • Automatically detects attack via tilt, motion, and sound.
  • Location updates every 6 seconds to allow precise positioning tracking
  • GPS, GPRS and Wifi tracking provide precise location reporting
  • Reliable performance ensured via daily Device status check through GPRS connection.
  • Heat detection
  • Vibration detection
  • Remotely control the ATM itself, cut or restore its power in the event of a cyber attack
  • Can be integrated into third party devices.