This bold activity has seen a sharp increase across Europe and is expected to accelerate in 2023. This type of attack involves criminals gaining access to the inside of the ATM by cutting holes into the fascia. Once inside, the criminals disconnect the Cash Dispenser and connect it to their 'Black Box'. This electronic box sends commands to the ATM forcing it to start dispensing money without needing a card to be inserted or for the ATM to source authorization. This new threat is sending chills down the spines of many Banks & ATM owners. Criminals have, in effect, found a way to empty an ATM Machine and leave no trace behind.


When we heard of this attack, Loktec pioneered a product to protect ATMs from this type of 'Black Box' activity. Loktec's R&D Team quickly responded to the alarm being raised by clients. The FTD product is our response.

ATM Tracker

Fascia Tamper System (FTS) 

The system consists of a Fascia Defence Controller and a series of purpose-designed Printed Circuit Boards, with an innovative custom, balanced bridge conduct or circuit, forming a mesh pattern on both sides. The mesh presents a solid area of the bridge circuit that, if compromised by drilling or fracture, will instantly initiate the alarm mode and perform several functions to stop the attack.

Key Points

  • CE tested and approved.
  • ATM vendor global approval
  • Can be redeployed
  • Proven under attack
  • Non-invasive installation
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Loktec
  • The most compact system available
  • 12 Month warranty
  • Alarm connectivity
  • UK and international banks support it
  • Anti-Drill technology.
  • Can remotely shut down ATM
  • It can be installed into all ATM types.

Fascia Tamper System

Across Europe, banks are experiencing a growing threat - Black Box, Jackpotting & Fascia Attacks