The XS4 electronic lock with keypad increases security and control as it offers the choice of two forms of authentication to grant access. You can use your credential, your credential plus PIN (Personal Identification Number) or just your PIN to gain access. It is also available in a wireless version for online, real-time control.


  • Clutch mechanism escutcheon, when unlocked handle moves free.
  • ID technologies available: HID iClass®, DESFire, DESFire EV1, Mifare, Mifare plus, Mifare Ultralight C.
  • Available in wireless version for wireless real-time control.
  • Door status detector to monitor intrusions or door-left-open status (wireless escutcheons only).
  • Body and escutcheon made of steel.
  • Dimensions: 290mm x 67mm x 20mm. 11-7/16’’ x 2-5/8’’ x 13/16’’.
  • Handle rotation: 52º.
  • Door thickness compatibility: 32mm to 120mm. 1-1/4’’ to 4-3/4’’.
  • Distance from the handle to the cylinder: 61mm, 62mm and 63mm1-7/8’’ to 4-5/16’’.
  • Spindles available: 5/16’’ standard spindle and 9/32’’ diamond spindle.
  • Mechanical key override with audit trail available.
  • Privacy function through thumb turn or button on the inside.