XS4 GEO VdS/BZ+ approval

SALTO XS4 GEO VdS BZ+ models deliver high levels of protection against
picking attacks and protection against aggravated burglary. They are
approved for use as ancillary control equipment alongside burglar alarm
systems (according to VdS 2119). They come with integrated pulling
protection and thus may be used together with a burglar resistant security
plate class B (or higher).
This certification is valid for SALTO European profile half cylinders, European
profile cylinders with thumb turn, European profile double cylinders, and
European profile cylinders cog-wheel cam with product numbers GxExx.


XS4 GEO Grip

XS4 GEO cylinder grips have been designed to improve the operation
of XS4 GEO Electronic Cylinders. Suitable for use with gloves or by the
disabled, the new SALTO XS4 GEO Electronic Cylinders Grips provide
an additional surface making the knob easier to operate.
• SALTO XS4 GEO Cylinders Grip A model:
- (DDA compliant, adapted to suit disabled people.)
• SALTO XS4 GEO Cylinders Grip H and A models are available in:
- Red,
- Blue,
- Yellow,
- Green,
- White
- Black.
• They come with BioCote® antimicrobial technology