XS4 RFID Wall Reader for narrow profile applications

The SALTO contactless slim wall reader for flush mounting has been specially designed to fit doors that have a narrow profile frame and where there is insufficient space to install a standard wall reader.

The wall reader reads data from the carrier and then communicates it to the control unit. They also allow for updating of the carriers via SALTO Virtual Network technology. The reader is IP56 compliant and features a built-in heater making it suitable for use indoors and out, including environments exposed to harsh weather conditions.


  • ID technologies available: DESfire, DESfire EV1, Mifare, Mifare plus, Mifare Ultralight C, Inside Picopass, Legic Prime, Legic Advant, HID iClass® Skidata and i-Button.
  • Reader made of PC + ABS UL94.
  • Body made of 2mm stainless steel plate.
  • NFC compatible (WR9001FS).
  • IP 56 compliant.
  • The maximum cable length between the door controller and the wall reader is up to 100mtrs.* with a twisted pair cable.
  • Dimensions: 34mm x 114mm x 19mm (W x H x D).
  • Connection to the door controller using UTP CAT 5 cable.
  • Current required: 5V supplied by the door controller.

* Depends on the door controller combination.